For this post, I kept track and recorded my writing for April 4th, 2018. I was very surprised in the amount of writing that I had actually done throughout the day. It started with my calculus class in the morning. During that class I usually take a lot of notes on whatever we are doing, so I end up filling pages upon pages of numbers. But, one thing that I caught myself doing a lot was writing side notes that only I could understand. Little one sentence lines that would help me come back to the notes and make sense of all the work. The second thing that I had ran into was a couple emails I had sent. When sending emails, I find it very important to be grammatically correct, and act professionally, so 99% of them are set up very nicely, and have a very concise meaning. Which in turn, probably impacts some of my writing more than I think.

The third, and final thing that I noticed I did the most was text messaging. Let’s start with the formality of text messages, to me, and probably to a lot of other people, it depends on who you are text messaging. You most likely aren’t going to text your boss the same way you text your friends, just like you wouldn’t text your parents the same way you would text classmates which you really don’t know that well. However, for the most part I usually stayed away from using words like “lol” and the idea of replacing words like “you” with “u”. Instead, trying my best to stay grammatically correct, and develop a habit of writing presentable work at all times.


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